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Figure 2

From: Interleukin-2 alters distribution of CD144 (VE-cadherin) in endothelial cells

Figure 2

IL-2 enhances VE-cadherin endocytosis. A) ECs were treated with Vehicle (PBS without IL-2), 100 IU/ml IL-2, or 100 IU/ml IL-2 in the presence of a functional blocking anti-IL-2 antibody for 24 hr. VE-cadherin and F-actin were examined using confocal microscopy. The effect of TNF-α was examined as a control. B) Data from (A) were quantified using imagej64 software (NIH). VE-cadherin and F-actin intracellular redistribution (i.e., intracellular intensity in arbitrary units) is shown. Gray line indicates image background intensity. C) ECs were treated with Vehicle (PBS without IL-2) or 100 IU/ml IL-2 for 24 hrs. Cell surface VE-cadherin was labeled at 4°C to inhibit endocytosis. Cells were then incubated at 37°C for 1 hr to initiate endocytosis. VE-cadherin was examined using confocal microscopy. Data shown represent two independent experiments.

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