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Figure 2

From: Cross-presentation of viral antigens in dribbles leads to efficient activation of virus-specific human memory t cells

Figure 2

DRibbles were efficient antigen carriers for the activation of human CD8 + T cells and CD4 + T cells. PBMCs were separated according to their density into monocytes and lymphocytes by Elutra apheresis. DRibbles were collected from HEK 293 T cells that expressed E6E7 protein or CEF protein. Monocytes were loaded with 25ug/ml CEF DRibbles or 25ug/ml control E6E7 DRibbles. After 6 hours, lymphocytes were added. Activation of T cells was assessed by determining the percentage of IFN-γ+CD8+ cells (A) and IFN-γ+CD4+ cells (B) detected by ICS. The mean ± SEM of 3 separate experiments from the same donor are shown. CD8+ (C) and CD4+ T cell responses (D) against UbiLT3 pp65 DRibbles or control UbiLT3 GFP DRibbles and CMV pp65 protein were analyzed in frozen-thawed PBMCs from 24 subjects. (E) shows the representative dot plot from one of the donors.

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