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Figure 2

From: Development of a robust flow cytometry-based pharmacodynamic assay to detect phospho-protein signals for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors in multiple myeloma

Figure 2

Development of phospho flow assay. (a). PD response revealed by phospho flow analysis in MM1s cells. Note the peak shift of pS6 on the histogram in the GDC-0941-treated MM1s cells compared to DMSO. Baseline is defined based on isotype staining. (b). Cross-platform comparison between MSD and phospho flow cytometry. iMFI methodology is used to calculate the pS6 signals (c and d). Intra-assay variation studies demonstrate the absolute quantification of pS6 signals (c) and relative quantification (d), highlighting the coefficient of variation (CV). Note that MM1s cells were treated with DMSO or a PI3K pathway inhibitor (tool compound) for 2 hours in the above studies. Data shown (a-d) are representative of at least three independent studies.

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