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Table 2 Conservancy of neuraminidase (NA) epitopes of sH1N1 and pH1N1 influenza viruses

From: Highly conserved antigenic epitope regions of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes between 2009 H1N1 and seasonal H1N1 influenza: vaccine considerations

NA sequence epitopea Number (%) of study years conservedb Epitope id in IEDB Possible B-cell epitopec Possible MHC I allelesd Possible MHC II allelese
KDNSIRIGSKGDVFVIR 99.8 129048 SIRIGSKGDV(105–114) A*0201,A*03, DRB1*0101,DRB1*0301,DRB1*0401
(102–118)    DNSIRIGSKGDVFV(103–116) A*1101 DRB1*0701,DRB1*1101,DRB1*1501
IGSKGDVFVIREPFIS 99.8 128924 GDVFVIREPF(112–121) A*0201,A*03, A*1101 DRB1*1101,DRB1*1501,
RTFFLTQGALLNDKHSN 99.5 127810 FLTQGALLND(133–142) A*01,A*03, DRB1*0101,DRB1*0301,DRB1*0401
(130–146)    FFLTQGALLNDKHS(132–145) A*1101 DRB1*0701,DRB1*1101,DRB1*1501
ISGPDNGAVAVLKYNGI 99.5 128994 ISGPDNGAVAVLKY(195–208) A*01,A*0201 DRB1*0301,DRB1*0401,DRB1*1501
(195–211)    GPDNGAVAVL(197–206)   
VCRDNWHGSNRPWVSFN 99.9 130190 CRDNWHGSNRPW(292–303) A*01 DRB1*0101,DRB1*0401,DRB1*0701,
(291–307)    RDNWHGSNRPWVSF(293–306)   DRB1*1101
WSGYSGSFVQHPELTGL 99.9 130342 * A*0201,A*03, DRB1*0101,DRB1*0401,DRB1*0701,
(399–415)     A*1101 DRB1*1101,DRB1*1501,
SFVQHPELTGLDCIRP 99.2 129889 * A*01, A*0201, DRB1*0101,DRB1*0401,DRB1*1501
(405–420)     A*03, A*1101  
PELTGLDCIRPCFWVEL 99.3 129560 * A*01,A*0201, DRB1*0101,DRB1*0301,DRB1*0401
(410–426)     A*03,A*1101 DRB1*0701,DRB1*1101,DRB1*1501
  1. a. Epitopes in IEDB were experimentally identified epitopes in sH1N1 NA genes. b. The conservancy ratio of 1928 genes of sH1N1 NA sequences, whose strains isolated from 1968 to 2008. c. The B-cell epitopes of pH1N1 NA genes are predicted by ABCpred, respectively. d. MHC I alleles of 10 mer and more of pH1N1 NA genes are Predicted by BIMAS (explicit number = 100) and SYFPEITHI (score ≥10.0), respectively. The same epitope sequences predicted by both BIMAS and SYFPEITHI were determined. e. MHC II alleles of 10 mer and more of pH1N1 NA genes are predicted by SYFPEITHI (score ≥10.0), respectively.