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Table 2 Similarities of effects of a high pH - Low [H + ] or (Alkalosis) and low pO 2 (Hypoxia) on cellular biochemistry and metabolism

From: Cariporide and other new and powerful NHE1 inhibitors as potentially selective anticancer drugs – an integral molecular/biochemical/metabolic/clinical approach after one hundred years of cancer research

  Hypoxia Alkalosis
Pyruvate production
Lactate production
  (Anaerobic glycolysis) (Aerobic glycolysis)
ATP production
Mitochondrial oxidation
Transforming/oncogenic effect + +
  (Goldblatt-Warburg effect) (The Warburg effect)
  1. ↑ Stimulation; ↓ Inhibition.
  2. For further details, see text and reference [11].
  3. Note: Reprinted from Critical Reviews Oncogenesis, vol. 6. Harguindey S, Pedraz JL, Garcia Canero R, Perez de Diego J, Cragoe EJ, Jr. Hydrogen ion dependent oncogenesis and parallel new avenues to cancer prevention and treatment using a H(+)-mediated unifying approach: pH-related and pH-unrelated mechanisms, p. 6, © 1995, with the permission from Begell House, Inc.