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Figure 3

From: Mesenchymal stem cells enhance ovarian cancer cell infiltration through IL6 secretion in an amniochorionic membrane based 3D model

Figure 3

Cytokine array after extraction and culture of the amniotic MSC with OCC. A. By flow cytometry analysis, we identified a population of MSC defined by negative for CD45 & 34 and positive for CD29, 73, 90 & 105. This population represented 15% of the total cell population of the amniochorionic membrane. B. Picture of the cultured cells after sorting by optical microscopy. C. Picture of a coculture between MSC stained with calcein red and OCC (Ovcar3_eGFP in green) by fluorescence microscopy. D. Cytokine array results after MSC and OCC coculture.

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