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Figure 4

From: Abnormal expression of paxillin correlates with tumor progression and poor survival in patients with gastric cancer

Figure 4

PXN promotes cell proliferation and colony formation in gastric cancer cells. A, PXN protein level is elevated after over-expression of PXN in AGS cells and reduced after knockdown of PXN in SGC7901 cells. B and C, Ectopic expression of PXN promotes cell proliferation in AGS cells (P = 0.017) whereas knockdown of PXN inhibits cell proliferation in SGC7901 cells as determined by MTT assays (P = 0.019). D and E, Ectopic expression of PXN stimulates colony formation in AGS cells (P = 0.026). F and G, Knockdown of PXN expression inhibits colony formation in SGC7901 cells (P = 0.011).

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