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Figure 3

From: Maintenance of “stem cell” features of cartilage cell sub-populations during in vitro propagation

Figure 3

Cell growth and morphology of chondrocytes and sub-populations. A) Unsorted chondrocytes and W5C5 or W8B2 enriched (+) or depleted (-) sub-populations of the same culture (Cho4) were expanded over several passages. Population doublings and culture time are presented (top). Chondrocytes (Cho8) and W5C5 ± sub-populations are cultured in chondrocyte culture medium (CM) or MSC growth medium (MSCGM). Growth curves are shown (bottom). B) Cell morphology of different sub-populations. (Due to the low expression of W8B2 on chondrocytes, the number of sorted cells was too low for a complete set of experiments).

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