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Figure 3

From: Long non-coding RNA expression profile in human gastric cancer and its clinical significances

Figure 3

Uc001lsz was down-regulated in gastric cancer tissues, gastric cancer cell lines and other common cancer cell lines. Real-time qRT-PCR was used to determine the expression level of uc001lsz. Three independent experiments were performed. Level of uc001lsz in gastric cancer tissues was significantly lower than that in corresponding non-tumorous tissues (n = 77, P < 0.001; A). Sequencing result of qRT-PCR product of uc001lsz (B). The level of uc001lsz in gastric cancer cell lines (AGS, MGC-803 and SGC-7901), liver cancer cell lines (SMMC-7721 and HepG2) and lung cancer cell line A549 was lower than that in human gastric epithelial cell line GES-1, human liver normal cell line HL-7702 and human fetal lung fibroblast cell line HELF, respectively; however, its level in prostate cancer cell lines (Du-145 and PC-3) was higher than that in human prostate epithelial cell line RWPE-1 (C).

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