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Figure 4

From: Patient-derived tissue slice grafts accurately depict response of high-risk primary prostate cancer to androgen deprivation therapy

Figure 4

Differential responses to ADT of TSGs derived from HRPCa with or without adverse pathological features. Immunohistochemistry using an antibody cocktail for cytoplasmic AMACR and nuclear p63 demonstrated resistance of HRPCa-3, a HRPCa with adverse pathological features, to ADT (A-B), and complete tumor regression in HRPCa-6, a HRPCa without adverse pathological features, after ADT (C-D). In (D), remnant epithelial cells are benign, as demonstrated by nuclear p63 staining. White dotted lines mark the boundary between mouse kidney and TSG. Magnification for all images is 40X.

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