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Figure 3

From: Identification of prefoldin amplification (1q23.3-q24.1) in bladder cancer using comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) arrays of urinary DNA

Figure 3

Array-CGH analysis showing the 1q23.3- q24.1 region that harbors the PFND2 gene. A. The ideogram of chromosome 1 for the urinary specimen 131HG belonging to a pT1G2 bladder tumor is shown to the left. The central red tracings represent the mean signal ratio of each of the clones along the chromosome generated by the CGH Analytics software. Displacement of this red line to the right of the centre indicates relative genomic gains. B. Gene view of the gain at 1q23.3-q24.1 displaying probes as dots. The color of each dot represents normal (black) or gains (red). The gain of PFND2 identified by array-CGH is highlighted.

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