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Table 2 Criteria for recipient (patient) enrollment

From: Cellular immunotherapy for refractory hematological malignancies

Recipient eligibility criteria


Inclusion Criteria

Age ≥ 18


Histologic confirmation of the following leukemias/lymphomas:

• Mantle cell lymphoma with Ki-67>30%

• Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma

• Burkitts Lymphoma

• Systemic T Cell Lymphomas

• Acute Myeloid Leukemia

• Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Recurrence or progression of disease after at least 1 prior standard treatment


Progression of disease within 6 months of last treatment


No available curative treatment option


≥ 4-weeks since prior chemotherapy or radiation (Exception: Hydroxyurea may be utilized up to 48 hours prior to treatment)


Life expectancy of 2 months at treatment initiation


≥ 6 months post autologous stem cell transplant


DLCO ≥ 40% with no symptomatic pulmonary disease.


LVEF ≥ 40% by MUGA or echocardiogram.


Creatinine ≤ 2.0 mg/dl, Total bilirubin <1.5x the upper limit of normal (ULN), AST < 3x ULN


Non-pregnant and willing to use appropriate birth control during study period

Exclusion criteria

Previous allogeneic stem cell transplant


Previous purine analog (fludarabine, pentostatin, 2-CDA) or alemtuzumab within 1 year of entering the study


CML, CLL, multiple myeloma, and indolent lymphoma (follicular lymphoma, marginal zone lymphoma)


HLA antibodies to donor HLA type


HIV-1 or 2 positive


Oxygen dependant COPD


Failure to demonstrate adequate compliance with medical therapy and follow-up


Significant medical or psychiatric illness that would impair the ability to participate in protocol therapy


Active systemic infection