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Figure 5

From: Integrated next-generation sequencing of 16S rDNA and metaproteomics differentiate the healthy urine microbiome from asymptomatic bacteriuria in neuropathic bladder associated with spinal cord injury

Figure 5

Phylogenetic diversity of Enterobacteriales 16S rDNA sequences in human urine. NJ tree clustering of Enterobacteriales OTU representatives labeled based on similarity to known RDP database sequences (gray), and OTU composition. Leaves are colored as follows: OTUs consisting of only healthy individuals (dark blue), mostly healthy (light blue), only NB (red), mostly NB (pink/salmon). Branches were highlighted and labeled by identifiable bacterial genera. Genus-level classification was based on the OTU representative RDP classification and the classification of nearest neighbors the RDP alignment. The nodes show SequenceID_#male/#female_#SCI/#healthy subjects.

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