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Table 1 Patient demographics

From: Adoptive cell therapy with autologous tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and low-dose Interleukin-2 in metastatic melanoma patients

Patient number Age(years) Sex HLA- type PS Previous treatments Tumor burden (cm) AJCC stage Metastatic sites
1 60 F A2 0 IL2/INF, brain surgery 3.9 M1c LN, braina
2 47 M A2/A3 0 IL2/IFN, DC-vac, abdominal surgery 22.8 M1c LN, intestines
3 62 M A3/A11 0 IL2/IFN, DC-vac 15.5 M1c SC, lung, stomach, gall bladder
6 36 M A2 0 IL2/IFN 8.6 M1c LN, liver, bone
7 61 M A2/A24 0 IL2/INF, CD137, DC-vac, brain surgery 19.8 M1c LN, lung, bone, braina
11 41 M A1/A3 0 IL2/INF, Ipilimumab, DC-vac 3.5 M1a LN, SC
  1. PS: performance status, AJCC: American Joint Committee on Cancer, M:male, F:female, IL2/INF:Interleukin-2/Interferon-α (according to the treatment regimen described by Keilholz et al. ref. 20), DC-vac: dendritic cell vaccine (experimental treatment), CD137:CD137 antibody (experimental treatment), LN: lymphnode metastasis, SC: subcutaneuous metastasis. Tumor burden was defined as the sum of all measurable lesions (>1 cm in longest diameter) up to a maximum of 10 lesions (according to RECIST 1.0). aBrain metastases were surgically removed before inclusion in the protocol.