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Table 1 Number of animals resistant to tumor formation after treatment

From: Enhanced antitumoral efficacy and immune response following conditionally replicative adenovirus containing constitutive HSF1 delivery to rodent tumors

  PBS Adel55 Adel55-cHSF1 Adel55-HSF1i Adel55-HSP70 Adel55-HSP90
B16 0/21 0/19 20/21* 0/21 12/21 11/21
CT26 0/22 0/17 24/25* 0/23 15/23 14/23
  1. Mice with approximately 100 mm3 B16 or CT26 tumors growing subcutaneously were treated by intratumoral administration of 5 × 108 pfu agents in the top column once a day for 2 consecutive days. Tumors were excised after 72 h and animals were re-inoculated with autologous tumor cells 2 weeks after surgery. Positive tumor formation was determined by at least minimal, palpable tumor 2 weeks from the time of tumor injection. Untreated animals as a positive control were injected and showed tumor formation. *represent statistical significance (P < 0.05, Adel55-cHSF1 vs. Adel55-HSP70 or Adel55-HSP90).