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Table 1 Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of 23 CFS women.

From: Integration of gene expression, clinical, and epidemiologic data to characterize Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Characteristic Number
Type of fatigue onset a  
Gradual 12
Sudden 10
Age, years b  
≤50 12
>50 11
Duration of illness b  
≤10 15
>10 8
No. of CFS symptoms b  
4 8
5 7
≥6 8
Body mass index c  
Normal 6
Overweight 7
Obese 10
Illness group d  
1 4
2 19
  1. a Onset type defined as sudden (self-reported as developing fatigue in = 1 week) or gradual (developing fatigue over a period = 1 month). One subject described onset as between 1 week and one month and was not classified for this stratification. b Further stratification and analysis using the Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test did not show different results. c Analysis performed on BMI <25 (normal) compared with >30(obese). Subjects considered overweight were not included in this particular analysis. Further stratification and analysis using the Kruskal-Wallis test showed no significant differences between the groups (results not shown.). d Illness group defined by factor analysis of symptoms followed by cluster analysis [4].