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Table 2 NcRNA-based anti-angiogenesis therapies in lung cancer

From: Non-coding RNAs in lung cancer: emerging regulators of angiogenesis

Therapeutic tools Type Targets Functions References
Nucleolin aptamer-siRNA chimaeras siRNA SLUG and NRP1 Suppress lung cancer cell invasion, tumor growth and angiogenesis [96]
Bivalent cyclic RGD-siRNA conjugate siRNA VEGFR2 Inhibiting neovascularization and proliferation on NSCLC xenografts [97]
siRNA nanoemulsions siRNA CXCR4 and STAT3 Inhibit tumor proliferation and neovascularization in lung metastases [99]
Global miRNA depletion Endoribonuclease FIH1/HIF pathway Suppress angiogenesis in NSCLC cell line and xenografts [101]
miR-16/322/497/17 miRNA VEGFR2 Inhibit tumor angiogenesis in a murine Lewis lung cancer model [103]
miR-125b miRNA VE-cadherin Inducing nonfunctional blood vessel formation to inhibit tumor growth [104]
Multi-functional NPs siRNA VEGF Inhibits tumor proliferation and angiogenesis in orthotopic NSCLC [105]
  1. This table summarizes the research on ncRNA-based anti-angiogenic therapeutics in lung cancer