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Table 6 The role of exosomes in PNI

From: Role of exosomes in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of central nervous system diseases

Source of exosomes Intermediate molecule Downstream pathway or molecule Models or cells Effect on downstream pathway Function Refs.
ADSC miRNA-26b Kpna2 Schwann cells Reducing autophagy of injured SCs [132]
BMSC NA VEGFA NA NA Promoting the regeneration of peripheral nerves [136]
ADSC NA Bcl-2 mRNA, Bax mRNA Schwann cells  + ,– Reducing the apoptosis of SCs [138]
NA NADPH oxidase 2 complexes NOX2-PI3K-p-Akt NA NA Regulating axonal regeneration [140]
  1. 'NA' means no accessible data in the study
  2. PNI, peripheral nerve injury; ADSC, adipose stem cells; Kpna2, karyopherin subunit alpha 2; SC, Schwann cells; BMSC, bone marrow stromal cell
  3. ' + ' represents the promotion of downstream pathway or molecule; '–' represents the inhibition of downstream pathway or molecule