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Table 4 Sources of NK cells and their unique advantages and disadvantages

From: Natural killer cells: a promising immunotherapy for cancer

Source Advantages disadvantages
PB Mature phenotype
Highly functional and cytotoxic
Only 5%–10% of PB lymphocytes are NK cells
Heterogenous product
Not readily available, need donors
CB Readily available from global CB banks.15%–30% of CB lymphocytes are NK cells. Transcriptomic profile supports high proliferative potential Numerically few and therefore requires ex vivo expansion
Heterogeneous product
iPSC High proliferative capacity
Homogeneous product
Immature phenotype
Low ADCC due to low CD16 expression
Long culture condition
NK-92 cell line High proliferative capacity
Easy to manipulate and engineer
Homogeneous product
Reduced sensitivity to freeze/thaw cycles
Derived from a patient with NK lymphoma
Need for irradiation
Limited in vivo persistence following irradiation
Low ADCC due to low or absent CD16 expression