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Table 3 Clinical trials of NK cells in cancer

From: Natural killer cells: a promising immunotherapy for cancer

Cancer type Source Enrichment of NK cells Lymphodepletion Patient (N) Clinical response
AML, CML, MDS Haploidentical
(HSTC donor)
CD3CD56+ selection None 5 CR in 4 [141] patients
AML Haploidentical CD3 depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation Flu/Cy 19 CR in 5 patients [142]
AML Haploidentical CD3 depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation (n = 32) CD3 depleted PBMCs, CD56 selection, IL-2 stimulation (n = 10) Flu/Cy 42 CR in 9 patients [125]
AML Haploidentical CD3 depleted PBMCs (with or without CD56 selection), or CD3 and CD19 depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation   15 CR in 8 patients [125]
AML Haploidentical CD3 and CD19 depleted PBMCs, IL-15 stimulation Flu/Cy 40 CR in 7 patients [143]
AML Umbilical cord blood Differentiation and expansion from CD34+ cells Flu/Cy 10 CR in 10 patients[144]
AML, CML HSCT donor CD3 depletion, co-culture with K562-mbIL-21 HSCT conditioning 13 CR in 7 of 8patients with AML and in all 5patients with CML [145]
MM Autologous or haploidentical Co-culture with K562-mbIL-15-4-1BBL, CD3 depletion Bortezomib alone or with Flu/Cy and dexamethasone 7 Two patients were treatment-free for 6 months [146]
B-NHL Haploidentical CD3and CD19depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation, pretreatment with rituximab Flu/Cy, methylprednisolone 14 CR in 2 patients;
PR in 2 patients [147]
Neuroblastoma Haploidentical CD3CD56+selection, IL-2 stimulation, anti-GD2 after NK cell infusion Cy, vincristine, and topotecan 35 CR in 5patients;
PR in 5patients [148]
RCC Haploidentical CD3depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation Flu 7 No[142]
Melanoma, RCC Haploidentical CD3-depleted PBMCs, IL-2 stimulation Cy and methylprednisolone 16 SD in 6patients[142]
Ovarian cancer, breast cancer Haploidentical CD3-depleted PBMCs Flu/Cy, TBI (2 Gy) 20 PR in 4patients;
SD in 12patients [149]