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Table 1 The inhibitory receptors of NK cells

From: Natural killer cells: a promising immunotherapy for cancer

Receptors CD Structure Ligand Signal molecule Chromosome
KIR2DL1 CD158b Ig monomer HLA-C, N77/N80 ITIM 19q13.4 [97]
KIR2DL2 CD158b1 Ig monomer HLA-C, S77/N80 ITIM 19q13.4 [97]
KIR2DL3 CD158b2 Ig monomer HLA-C, S77/N80 ITIM 19q13.4 [97]
KIR3DL1 CD158e1 Ig monomer HLA-Bw4 ITIM 19q13.4 [105]
KIR3DL2 CD158k Ig monomer HLA-A3, HLA-A11 ITIM 19q13.4 [106]
KIR2DL5A/B CD158f Ig monomer Unknown ITIM 19q13.4 [107]
LAIR-1 CD305 Ig monomer Collagen ITIM 19q13.4 [107]
LILRB1(ILT2) CD85j Ig monomer HLA-I ITIM 19q13.4 [108]
SIGLEC7(p75) CDw328 Ig monomer Α-2,8 disialic acid ITIM 19q13.3 [109]
CEACAM1 CD66a Ig monomer CD66 ITIM 19q13.2 [107]
CD94-NKG2A(KLRD1-KLRC1) CD159a C lectin heterodimer HLA-E ITIM 12p13 [110]
KLRG1   C lectin heterodimer Cadherins ITIM 12p12-p13 [107]
NKR-P1A(KLRB1) CD161 C lectin heterodimer LLT-1 ITIM 12p13 [107]
2B4 CD224 Ig monomer CD48 ITIM 1q23.1 [107]