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Table 1 Contents of yoga sessions

From: A randomized controlled trial of the influence of yoga for women with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

  Time (min) Content
Lesson 1 45 Notice the breath coming into your body and leaving your body. Notice how you feel
Lesson 2 45 Focus on how you feel in a yoga pose: how do your legs and feet feel? What do your arms and hands feel? What emotions are you experiencing?
Lesson 3 45 Pay attention to what the body feels in a yoga pose instead of how you look
Lesson 4 45 Challenge yourself to stay in a pose longer, even if it is slightly uncomfortable, and practice to tolerate the discomfort. Learn to notice the emotions and accept situations for the way they are
Lesson 5 45 Relax yourself and release your stress. Create the experience that allows you to let go
Lesson 6 45 Image putting bad emotions aside when you start your yoga practice