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Table 2 Exosome-based RNAs delivery for treating neurological diseases

From: Exosomes as bio-inspired nanocarriers for RNA delivery: preparation and applications

Neurological diseases Exosome-based RNA delivery systems Therapeutic results Refs.
Huntington’s disease HEK 293-cells derived exosomes loaded with MiR124 Decrease in expression of the target gene; no improvement was recorded following exosomes treatment loaded with miR-124 [89]
Brain infarct murine BM-MSCs-derived exosomes loaded with MiR124 Protecting against ischemic injury through robust cortical neurogenesis; miRNA specific effect on the ischemic regions [68]
Morphine relapse HEK 293 T cells-derived exosomes loaded with MOR siRNA Specific delivery of siRNA to the brain; down-regulation of the level of MOR protein and mRNA [127]
Alzheimer’s disease mouse DC-derived exosomes loaded with siRNA Knockdown of target mRNA and protein [65]