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Table1 Top 10 chemicals were predicted as putative therapeutic agents for adipogenesis

From: Characterization of DNA methylation as well as mico-RNA expression and screening of epigenetic markers in adipogenesis

Chemical name Function Chemical formula Enrichmentscore
dolasetron Serotonin receptor antagonist 1.99
dopamine Dopamine receptor agonist 1.87
everolimus MTOR inhibitor 1.86
ivermectin GABA receptor agonist 1.83
atenolol Adrenergic receptor antagonist 1.81
dephostatin Tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor 1.81
nikkomycin Chitin inhibitor 1.77
roscovitine CDK inhibitor 1.76
UK-356618 Metalloproteinase inhibitor 1.75
GR-144053 Integrin inhibitor 1.74