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Table 2 Somatic alterations in PDGFRA and MUC family in G34-DHGs of 6 external patients

From: High frequency of PDGFRA and MUC family gene mutations in diffuse hemispheric glioma, H3 G34-mutant: a glimmer of hope?

Patients Sex/age (years) Sequencing test Somatic alterations in PDGFRA Somatic alterations in MUC family Other important molecular changes
ExP1 M/22 WES p.E387del MUC4 p.V1961L ATRX p.K1584Ifs, EGFR amplification
ExP2 F/18 WES p.L275S
MUC12 p.T1733A ATRX p.Q2168Rfs, TP53 p.R306&p.R342
ExP3 F/37 539 genes panel p.E279_A280delinsT
N/A TP53 p.W53&p.R342
CDKN2A deletion
ExP4 M/10 539 genes panel p.C290G
N/A ATRX c.5955_5956 + 2del
TP53 p.E171del
ExP5 M/21 135 genes panel p.Q246_Y249delinsH N/A ATRX p.R781
TP53 p.V147Lfs
ExP6 M/32 135 genes panel p.G286E N/A ATRX c.5567
TP53 c.524