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Table 2 DTI indices in the left primary sensory and primary motor white matter

From: First evidence of long-term effects of transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS) on the human brain

  Left S1 Left M1
Sham Verum Sham Verum
Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post Pre Post
FA 3.895E−01 3.883E−01 3.885E−01 3.870E−01 3.878E−01 3.865E−01 3.864E−01 3.864E−01
(3.587E−02) (3.707E−02) (3.786E−02) (3.672E−02) (3.144E−02) (3.403E−02) (3.290E−02) (3.202E−02)
MD 7.913E−04 7.898E−04 7.920E−04 7.874E−04 8.509E−04 8.480E−04 8.523E−04 8.435E−04
(5.269E−05) (5.039E−05) (5.048E−05) (5.058E−05) (5.786E−05) (5.760E−05) (5.972E−05) (5.720E−05)
AD 1.123E−03 1.120E−03 1.123E−03a 1.115E−03a 1.176E−03 1.172E−03 1.176E−03a 1.166E−03a
(5.328E−05) (5.614E−05) (5.243E−05) (5.165E−05) (5.681E−05) (6.521E−05) (5.781E−05) (6.202E−05)
RD 7.212E−04 7.199E−04 7.227E−04 7.195E−04 7.846E−04 7.811E−04 7.866E−04 7.779E−04
(5.186E−05) (4.754E−05) (4.950E−05) (4.906E−05) (6.197E−05) (5.962E−05) (6.327E−05) (5.927E−05)
  1. Data as mean (SD) for the DTI indices fractional anisotropy (FA), mean diffusivity (MD), axial diffusivity (AD) and radial diffusivity (RD)
  2. S1—primary somatosensory white matter region of interest, M1—primary motor white matter region of interest
  3. aSignificant comparison between pre and post stimulation data (Wilcoxon test, FDR 0.05 corr.)