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Table 3 Citations and citation ratios of NIHR Oxford BRC papers published from April 2012 to March 2017

From: A large National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre facilitates impactful cross-disciplinary and collaborative translational research publications and research collaboration networks: a bibliometric evaluation study

Total publications with digital object identifiers (of total publications) 2365 (of 2377)
Total citations, Crossref API (n) 155, 699 (n  = 2361)
Total citations, metrics API (n) 173, 995 (n  = 2364)
Equivalent h-index (current n publications with at least n citations) 166; 178 (Crossref;
Average field citation ratio from metrics API (n) 7.12 geometric mean, 6.75 median (n  = 2259)
Average relative citation ratio from metrics API (n) 1.83 geometric mean, 1.50 median (n  = 2300)
  1. aOverall counts for NIHR Oxford BRC publications and comparison of rates of citation with similar research publications (from publication to 27th January 2021)