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Table 4 Significance of differences between groups, time points and group-by-time point interactions for the measured alpha-diversity indexes

From: Inoculation of mother’s own milk could personalize pasteurized donor human milk used for feeding preterm infants

Chao1 0.319 0.00017 0.026
ACE 0.282 0.00015 0.021
Fisher’s alpha 0.394 5.4750E−05 0.012
Observed OTUs 0.467 0.00014 0.007
Shannon 0.530 0.00024 0.007
Equitability 0.007 5.51219E−05 0.800
Simpson’s E 0.003 4.41545E−08 0.048
  1. Data reported the p-values from a linear model with the effects of treatment on groups (PM, PDHM, IM), timepoints (T0-T2) and their interaction for each alpha diversity index.