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Table 2 KEGG pathway analysis of differentially expressed genes associated with pancreatic cancer

From: GSK2126458 has the potential to inhibit the proliferation of pancreatic cancer uncovered by bioinformatics analysis and pharmacological experiments

Pathway ID Name Count % P value Benjamini P value Genes Total numbera
 hsa04610 Complement and coagulation cascades 17 3.94 1.71E−11 3.17E−09 PLAT, C1QA, C3AR1, C1QB, CD55, FGG, C5AR1, C3, F3, SERPINE1, CFH, C1R, C1S, PROS1, C1QC, PLAU, F2R 78
 hsa05150 Staphylococcus aureus infection 15 3.47 6.53E−11 6.07E−09 C3AR1, C5AR1, HLA-DRB1, C3, FPR1, C1R, ITGB2, C1S, HLA-DMA, C1QC, C1QA, C1QB, FGG, CFH, FCGR3B 39
 hsa04512 ECM-receptor interaction 16 3.7 6.19E−09 3.84E−07 COL4A2, COL4A1, TNC, COL3A1, ITGA2, ITGA3, COL5A1, LAMB3, SDC1, COMP, COL1A2, LAMC2, THBS2, COL11A1, FN1, THBS4 60
 hsa04145 Phagosome 19 4.4 9.18E−08 4.27E−06 ACTB, HLA-DRB1, NCF2, C3, ITGA2, C1R, COLEC12, ITGB2, HLA-B, CTSS, HLA-DMA, COMP, TAP1, TUBA4A, THBS2, FCGR3B, CD14, TUBA1C, THBS4 95
 hsa04510 Focal adhesion 20 4.63 1.84E−06 6.83E−05 ACTB, COL4A2, COL4A1, TNC, COL3A1, ITGA2, ITGA3, FLNA, COL5A1, VEGFC, LAMB3, RAC2, COMP, COL1A2, LAMC2, PDGFC, THBS2, COL11A1, FN1, THBS4 100
 hsa05146 Amoebiasis 13 3.01 2.08E−05 6.45E−04 COL4A2, LAMB3, COL4A1, COL3A1, COL1A2, SERPINB2, LAMC2, ITGB2, SERPINB3, COL11A1, CD14, COL5A1, FN1 69
 hsa05133 Pertussis 11 2.55 2.47E−05 6.57E−04 C1QA, C1QB, GNAI1, C3, LY96, PYCARD, ITGB2, C1R, C1S, C1QC, CD14 58
 hsa04974 Protein digestion and absorption 10 2.31 4.96E−04 0.011 KCNN4, COL4A2, COL4A1, ATP1B3, COL3A1, COL1A2, COL11A1, COL5A1, COL10A1, SLC7A7 56
 hsa04670 Leukocyte transendothelial migration 11 2.55 1.09E−03 0.022 ACTB, CLDN18, RAC2, NCF2, GNAI1, CXCR4, MMP9, CLDN2, ITGB2, RHOH, THY1 75
 hsa05222 Small cell lung cancer 9 2.08 1.75E−03 0.032 COL4A2, E2F3, LAMB3, COL4A1, CKS2, ITGA2, LAMC2, ITGA3, FN1 74
 hsa04151 PI3K–Akt signaling pathway 19 4.4 4.38E−03 0.066 COL4A2, COL4A1, TNC, COL3A1, ITGA2, ITGA3, IL7R, COL5A1, VEGFC, LAMB3, COMP, COL1A2, LAMC2, PDGFC, THBS2, COL11A1, FN1, THBS4, F2R 99
 hsa04611 Platelet activation 10 2.31 7.40E−03 0.101 ACTB, FGG, GNAI1, COL3A1, COL1A2, FCER1G, ITGA2, COL11A1, COL5A1, F2R 89
 hsa05323 Rheumatoid arthritis 8 1.85 8.51E−03 0.107 CTSK, TNFSF13B, HLA-DRB1, CCL20, IL18, ITGB2, HLA-DMA, MMP1 63
 hsa05144 Malaria 6 1.39 9.16E−03 0.108 SDC1, IL18, COMP, ITGB2, THBS2, THBS4 44
 hsa04972 Pancreatic secretion 10 5.65 2.34E−06 3.78E−04 PNLIPRP1, PNLIPRP2, CHRM3, RAB3D, PRSS3, CPA2, CELA2B, PLCB1, SLC4A4, CTRL 67
 hsa00260 Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism 7 3.95 8.37E−06 6.77E−04 CTH, GATM, GCAT, GAMT, GNMT, PSAT1, CBS 32
 hsa01230 Biosynthesis of amino acids 6 3.39 2.41E−03 0.122 BCAT1, CTH, MAT1A, PSAT1, GPT2, CBS
 hsa00280 Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation 5 2.82 2.89E−03 0.110 BCAT1, ALDH6A1, AOX1, ABAT, ACAT1 41
 hsa04146 Peroxisome 6 3.39 3.98E−03 0.121 EPHX2, PXMP2, CRAT, PEX5L, SLC27A2, PEX7 71
  1. aTotal number: the number of genes in pathway