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Table 3 The roles of ecDNA in cancer progression

From: Extrachromosomal circular DNA: a new potential role in cancer progression

Cancer Oncogene amplification via ecDNA The connection between ecDNA and tumorigenesis
Neuroblastoma n-myc Remodeling the chromosomal genome, amplifying n-myc, promoting the expression of TERT and inhibiting the expression of DCLK1
Glioblastoma EGFR, PDGFRA, ERBB2, KIT Amplifying a variety of oncogenes, affecting tumor invasiveness, radiation resistance and drug resistance
Colorectal carcinoma DHFR Amplifying DHFR to develop drug resistance
Ovarian cancer n-myc, EIF5A2 Influencing the expression of ecDNA through MARS
Breast cancer HER2 Amplifying HER2 to affect tumor drug resistance