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Table 1 The microarray samples

From: Targeting multiple genes containing long mononucleotide A-T repeats in lung cancer stem cells





GSM4232969: Spheroid H292 48hr_rep1

GSM4232971: H292 48hr_rep1

GSM4232970: Spheroid H292 48hr_rep2

GSM4232972: H292 48hr_rep2


GSM4232973: Spheroid A549 48hr_rep1

GSM4232975: A549 48hr_rep1

GSM4232974: Spheroid A549 48hr_rep2

GSM4232976: A549 48hr_rep2


GSM4232961: Spheroid H292 with PNA-A15 48hr_rep1

GSM4232963: Spheroid H292 with scramble 48hr_rep1

GSM4232962: Spheroid H292 with PNA-A15 48hr_rep2

GSM4232964: Spheroid H292 with scramble 48hr_rep2


GSM4232965: Spheroid A549 with PNA-A15 48hr_rep1

GSM4232967: Spheroid A549 with scramble 48hr_rep1

GSM4232966: Spheroid A549 with PNA-A15 48hr_rep2

GSM4232968: Spheroid A549 with scramble 48hr_rep2

  1. The data were uploaded to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO: GSE142616)
  2. Rep1 and rep2 are biological replicate number 1 or 2