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Table 1 Ongoing clinical trials on exosome therapy in COVID-19 patients

From: MSC-derived exosomes carrying a cocktail of exogenous interfering RNAs an unprecedented therapy in era of COVID-19 outbreak

NCT number Locations Cell source Administration route Frequency of administration Dosage Criteria Age Number of patients Phase Result Status
4276987 China Adipose mesenchymal stem cells Aerosol inhalation Daily, day 1 to day 5 2 × 108/3 mL Individuals with severe COVID-19 symptoms 18 to 75 years old 30 Phase 1 Not yet publicly available Completed
4384445 USA Human amniotic fluid (HAF) Intravenous injection Day 0, day 4 and day 8 2–5 × 1011/mL Individuals with moderately to severe COVID-19 symptoms 18 years and older 20 Phase 1&2 Not yet Recruiting
4602442 Russia N/A Aerosol inhalation Twice a day for 10 days N/A Hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients 18 to 65 years old 90 Phase 2 Not yet Enrolling by invitation
4389385 Turkey COVID-19 specific T-cells Aerosol inhalation Daily, day 1 to day 5 2 × 108/3 mL COVID-19 positive patients with Early Stage NCV Pneumonia 18 to 75 years old 60 Phase 1&2 Not yet Active, not recruiting
4493242 USA Bone marrow Intravenous injection N/A N/A COVID-19 patients with moderate-to-severe ARDS 18 to 85 years old 60 Phase 2 Not yet Not yet recruiting