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Table 2 List of phosphorylated substrates in cell lines treated with exogenous, purified DnaK

From: Exogenous bacterial DnaK increases protein kinases activity in human cancer cell lines

Phosphorylated substrate Cell line
HCT116 PC3 SHSY5Y not differentiated SHSY5Y differentiated
β-Catenin     x
HSP27 S78/S82   S78, S82 S78, S82
HSP60 x    x
c-JUN    S63 S63
eNOS    S1177  
p27    T198 T198
p53   S15 S15, S46, S392 S15, S46, S392
PLC-γ1     Y783
PRAS40 T246    
STAT2     Y689
STAT3    Y705, S727  
STAT5a   xY699   xY694
  1. Numbers represents phosphorylation sites
  2. S serine, T threonine, Y tyrosine, P protein phosphorylated, unknown site