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Table 1 List of phosphorylated kinases in cell lines treated with exogenous, purified DnaK

From: Exogenous bacterial DnaK increases protein kinases activity in human cancer cell lines

Phosphorylated kinase Cell line Kinase family Cancer association score
A549 HCT116 PC3 SHSY5Y not differentiated SHSY5Y differentiated
EGF R Y1086     x x TK 1
FAK Y397   x   x   TK 1
Fgr Y412       TK 1
Fyn Y420     x   TK 1
Hck Y411   x     TK 1
Lyn Y397   x     TK 1
Lck Y394   x    x TK 1
PDGF Rβ Y751       TK 1
PYK2 Y402       TK 0.263
Src Y419       TK 1
Yes Y426       TK 1
Akt1/2/3 S473-T308    x x x AGC 1
MSK1/2 S376/S360     x x AGC N/A
p70 S6 Kinase T421/S424    x    AGC 0.594
RSK1/2/3 S380/S386/S377   x   x   AGC 0.490/0.516/0.872
AMPKα1 T183      x CAMK 0.608
AMPKα2 T172    x   x CAMK 0.983
Chk-2 T68       CAMK 1
ERK1/2/3 T202/Y204, T185/Y187    x x x CMGC 0.718/0.785
GSK3α/β S21/S9      x CMGC 1
JNK1/2/3 T183/Y185, T221/Y223      x CMGC 0.572/0.516/0.440
p38a T180/Y182 x      CMGC 0.291
WNK1 T60     x x STE 0.283
TOR S2448     x   Atypical N/A
  1. Numbers represents phosphorylation sites
  2. S serine, T threonine, Y tyrosine, x protein phosphorylated