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Table 2 Physician-reported responses in all evaluable patients enrolled in Italy in the avelumab MCC EAP

From: Avelumab treatment in Italian patients with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma: experience from an expanded access program

Response parametera n = 55
ORR, % 29.1
DCR, %b 60.0
Confirmed BOR, n (%)
 CR 6 (10.9)
 PR 10 (18.2)
 SD 17 (30.9)
 PDc 22 (40.0)
Duration of treatment for patients with responsed
 Median (range), months 9.7 (3.5–41.7)
  1. BOR best overall response, CR complete response, DCR disease control rate, EAP expanded access program, MCC Merkel cell carcinoma, PD progressive disease, PR partial response, SD stable disease
  2. aResponse was reported according to treating-physician assessment of follow-up scans at the time of resupply
  3. bAmong patients treated for a minimum of 3 months with available data
  4. cPatients with PD or adverse events that required treatment discontinuation within the first 90 days were never resupplied and did not have a follow-up response evaluation; thus, these values may be underreported
  5. dDuration of avelumab treatment/drug supply is reported as a surrogate for duration of response or clinical benefit