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Table 1 The main characteristic of included studies

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of the prognostic significance of microRNAs related to metastatic and EMT process among prostate cancer patients

Author Publication year Country miRNA type General details of the study
Sample type Sample size Detection method
Bucay 2017 USA miR-3622a FFPE 138 RT-PCR
Colden 2017 USA miR-466 FFPE 96 RT-PCR
Du 2017 China miR-543 Fresh 42 RT-PCR
Fu 2016 China miR-132 FFPE 57 RT-PCR
Fu 2016 China miR-212 FFPE 57 RT-PCR
Huang 2017 China miR-141-3p Snap-frozen 141 RT-PCR
Jiang 2016 China miR-503 FFPE 82 RT-PCR
Josson 2017 USA miR-409-3p Tissue microarray 61 RT-PCR
Josson 2017 USA miR-409-5p Tissue microarray 61 RT-PCR
Nam 2016 Canada miR-301a FFPE 585 RT-PCR
Ren 2017 China miR-210-3p Snap-frozen 149 RT-PCR
Saini 2010 USA miR-203 FFPE 22 RT-PCR
Wang 2015 China miR-573 FFPE 80 RT-PCR
Wang 2017 China miR-802 Fresh 73 RT-PCR
Zhang 2018 China miR-410-3p Fresh 82 RT-PCR