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Table 4 Statistical indices for the developed hybrid model in acute coronary event (ACE) forecasting

From: A continuous data driven translational model to evaluate effectiveness of population-level health interventions: case study, smoking ban in public places on hospital admissions for acute coronary events

Model   R% SI% MAPE% RMSRE%
ARMA–GS-GMDH Train 88.97 3.64 2.84 3.59
Test 91.03 2.52 2.13 2.47
ARIMA–GS-GMDH Train 84.93 3.91 2.94 3.97
Test 91.91 2.86 2.46 2.99
  1. ARMA–GS-GMDH Auto-regressive moving average–generalized structure group method of data handling, ARIMA–GS-GMDH Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average–Generalized Structure Group Method of Data Handling, R coefficient correlation, SI scatter index, MAPE mean absolute percentage error, RSMRE root mean square relative error, ρ% performance index