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Table 1 Primary data sources for drug-disease network reconstruction

From: RepCOOL: computational drug repositioning via integrating heterogeneous biological networks

Network type Source database Network details URL address References
DRGN Drug bank No. of drugs: 1497
No. of genes: 673
No. of interactions: 3509 [14]
DIGN CTD No. of diseases: 3158
No. of genes: 47,740
No. of interactions: 26,047,815 [15]
DIGN OMIM No. of diseases: 4552
No. of genes: 6175
No. of interactions: 6666 [16]
DIGN DisGeNET No. of diseases: 20,371
No. of genes: 17,068
No. of interactions: 561,107 [17]
PPIN Intact No. of proteins: 16,523
No. of interactions: 143,758 [18]
GCN COXPRESdb No. of genes: 24,442
No. of interactions: 12,485 [19]