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Table 1 Epidemiological studies of whole cannabis for anxiety (part 1)

From: Cannabis, a cause for anxiety? A critical appraisal of the anxiogenic and anxiolytic properties

Study Data source Number of participants Route of administration Dosage Percent of respondents using for anxiety
Sexton et al. 2016 [50] Recruited via social media and Cannabis dispensaries in Washington State 1429 Inhalation (84.1%), Concentrates also typically inhaled (6.4%), Oral (8%), Topical: (0.6%), Fresh juice (0.5%), Other (0.4%) 47.6% reported using 1–4 times per day 14.9% reported using 5–10 times per day 12.2% reported using all day, every day. 25.3% reported using less than once a day Dose is N/A 58.1%
Lintzeris et al. 2018 [51] Recruited via online media and at professional and consumer forums 1748 Most frequent route was inhalation (83.4%)
Oral Topical, suppository, and vaporiser routes used by only 29.4% of respondents
N/A 51%
Turna et al. 2019 [56] An online survey was disseminated to all authorized CMP users registered with Canadian medicinal cannabis supplier Tilray 2032 47.6% reported vaporising as the preferred mode of delivery, 21.4% preferred oral ingestion (edibles, oils, etc.) 18.5% preferred joints 35% used < 1 g/day 42% used 1–2 g/day 23% used ≥ 3 g/day. 43.7%
Kosiba et al. 2019 [52] Data were extracted from 13 studies that included participants from over 30 countries 6665 N/A N/A 52%