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Table 3 Success rate of ex vivo propagated DTCs derived from the BM of SK-BR-3-transplanted HTM and TM

From: A novel rabbit derived anti-HER2 antibody with pronounced therapeutic effectiveness on HER2-positive breast cancer cells in vitro and in humanized tumor mice (HTM)

  Control B100 p-value (control vs. B100) Trast p-value (control vs. Trast) Pert p-value (control vs. Pert)
HTM 7/8 0/5 0.0047 3/3 1 1/4 0.067
TM 2/4 0/4 0.4286 nd n. d.
  1. Single cells isolated from the femur of SK-BR-3-transplanted HTM and TM were cultured for several weeks to expand DTCs. The number of animals with successfully expanded DTC cultures of the total number of all tested samples (n/n) is indicated. Statistical differences were calculated using the two-sided Fisher’s exact test and significances are typed italic
  2. nd not done