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Table 1 Potential advantages and disadvantages of HDAs (host targeted antivirals)

From: A painful lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic: the need for broad-spectrum, host-directed antivirals

Benefits Risks
Broad-spectrum activity against different virus types that use the same host target Potential of host pathway-related toxicity
Pan-genotype/serotype coverage Host/population-specific polymorphisms on differential host target expression
High barrier to the development of genetic resistance Poor translation of in vitro to in vivo (animal models)
Numerous putative drug targets for cross-class combination therapy Complex mechanism of action—Deconvolution of target and target-specific effects challenging
Can be available before epidemics and pandemics for emerging/new viruses Possibility of redundant host mechanisms that ease virus dependence on select target
Potential for preemptive development of agents before a realized viral threat May require direct-acting antivirals as a combination therapy for maximum benefit