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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of the study cohort

From: Practicability of clinical application of bladder cancer molecular classification and additional value of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition: prognostic value of vimentin expression

Clinicopathological features of the immunohistochemistry cohort Primary bladder cancer
 Individuals, n 126
 Gender, n (%)
  Male 101 (80.2)
  Female 25 (19.8)
 Median age, years (range) 71 (61–77)
 Grade, n (%)
  Papillary, low-grade 28/126 (22.2)
  Papillary, high-grade 20/126 (15.9)
  Invasive, high-grade 78/126 (61.9)
 Pathological Stage, n (%)a
  pTa/pT1 (NMIBC) 51/123 (41.5)
  pT2-4 (MIBC) 72/123 (58.5)
  1. NMIBC non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, MIBC muscle invasive bladder cancer
  2. aFor 3 patients stage could not be ascertained as clinical data was missing/not available to the investigators