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Table 1 List of Covid-19 relevant aggregates and module sets

From: A modular framework for the development of targeted Covid-19 blood transcript profiling panels

Module aggregate Module Set Modules Functional annotations
A1 A1/S1 M14.42, M15.38, M12.6, M13.27, T cells
A1/S2 M14.23, M15.87, M14.5, M14.49, M12.1, M14.20 Gene transcription
A1/S3 M12.8, M15.29, M14.58, M15.51, M14.64, M16.78, M14.75, M15.82, M14.80 B cells
A2 A2/S1 M13.21, M9.1 Cytotoxic lymphocytes
A2/S2 M14.13, M14.72, M13.13, M13.14, M14.45, M13.10, M15.91 TBD
A4 A4/S1 M16.69, M16.72, M16.50, M16.77 Antigen presentation,
A5 A5/S1 M16.95, M16.36 B cells
A5/S2 M16.57, M16.18, M16.65, M16.111, M16.99 B cells
A7 A7/S1 M15.61 Monocytes
A8 A8/S1 M16.30 Complement
A8/S2 M16.106 TBD
A10 A10/S1 M15.102 Prostanoids
A26 A26/S1 M12.2 Monocytes
A27 A27/S1 M13.32, M12.15, M16.92, M15.110, M16.60 Antibody producing cells
A28 A28/S1 M15.127, M8.3 Interferon response
A28/S2 M15.64 Interferon response
A28/S3 M15.86, M10.1, M13.17 Interferon response
A31 A31/S1 M14.81, M16.64 Platelet/Prostaglandin
A31/S2 M14.48, M14.38, M15.58 Monocytes
A33 A33/S1 M15.104, M14.82, M14.24, M15.108 Cytokines/chemokines, Inflammation
A33/S2 M14.19, M14.76, M14.50, M14.26, M16.101, M16.100, M16.80 Inflammation
A34 A34/S1 M14.39, M14.59, M10.3, M16.109, M8.2 Platelets, prostanoids
A35 A35/S1 M14.65, M14.28, M15.81, M16.79, M13.3, M14.7, Monocytes, neutrophils
A35/S2 M15.26, M12.10, M13.22, M15.109, M15.78, M13.16, Neutrophils, inflammation
A36 A36/S1 M16.34, M16.82, M15.97, M14.51, M15.118, M16.88 Gene transcription
A37 A37/S1 M9.2, M14.53, M11.3, M12.11, M15.100 M15.74, M13.26, M13.30, M15.53, Erythroid cells
A38 A38/S1 M10.4 Neutrophil activation
A38/S2 M16.96, M12.9, M14.68 Erythroid cells