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Table 2 The expression, function and potential mechanism of GPxs in breast cancers

From: Involvement of glutathione peroxidases in the occurrence and development of breast cancers

GPxsLocationMain findings in breast cancersReferences
GPx13p21.31TFAP2C regulates GPx1 promoter through an AP-2 regulatory region[81]
GPx1 polymorphism in modifying stress response[82]
Decreased GPx1 expression[83]
Loss of heterozygosity and allelic differences of GPx1[88]
Pro198Leu-associated decreased GPx1 activity with high breast cancer risk[89, 92]
The Leu198Leu genotype of GPx-1[91]
Regulate the sensitivity to doxorubicin[93]
GPx214q23.3Upregulated in breast cancer cells[19]
Overexpression in rat breast cancer[98]
Highly regulated by retinoic acid[94]
GPx35q33.1Downregulated in aggressive phenotype of breast cancer[103]
An independent predictive marker for local recurrence of early-stage invasive cancer patients[104]
GPx419p13.3Downregulated in breast cancer cells[19]
Predict poor prognosis of invasive ductal breast carcinoma[106]
Impaired GPx4 expression in peripheral blood monocytes as a biomarker for increased breast cancer risk[111]
GPx56p22.1Downregulated in breast cancer cells[19]
GPx66p22.1Downregulated in breast cancer cells[19]
GPx71p32.3Downregulated in breast cancer cells[19]
GPx85q11.2Not available