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TableĀ 2 The Q30 of simples

From: Overview of distinct 5-methylcytosine profiles of messenger RNA in human hepatocellular carcinoma and paired adjacent non-tumor tissues

Patient IDSampleQ30SampleQ30
1HCC IP92.39%HCC input92.91%
2HCC IP92.86%HCC input94.25%
3HCC IP93.04%HCC input94.49%
4HCC IP93.28%HCC input94.03%
5HCC IP93.26%HCC input91.90%
6HCC IP92.17%HCC input94.04%
1Paired non-tumor IP91.86%Paired non-tumor input93.04%
2Paired non-tumor IP91.77%Paired non-tumor input92.96%
3Paired non-tumor IP91.55%Paired non-tumor input93.81%
4Paired non-tumor IP90.36%Paired non-tumor input94.10%
5Paired non-tumor IP91.16%Paired non-tumor input89.47%
6Paired non-tumor IP90.86%paired non-tumor input92.47%