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Table 2 The quality assessment of included study using the Newcastle–Ottawa scale

From: Association between body mass index and survival outcomes for cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Ichihara 20201111001016Moderate
Wang 20191111001016Moderate
Popinat 20191111001117High
Naik 20191111001117High
Magri 20191111001117High
Labadie 20191111001117High
Kulkarni 20191111000016Moderate
Kichenadasse 20191111001117High
De Giorgi 20191111001117High
Cortellini 20191111001016Moderate
Richtig 20181111000116Moderate
Zhi 20181111000015Moderate
McQuade 20181111001117High
  1. REC, representativeness of the exposed cohort; SNEC, selection of the non-exposed cohort; AE, ascertainment of exposure; DO, demonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of study; SC, study controls for age, sex; AF, study controls for any additional factors (chemoradiotherapy, curative resection); AO, assessment of outcome; FU, follow-up long enough (36 M) for outcomes to occur; AFU, adequacy of follow-up of cohorts. “1” means that the study is satisfied the item and “0” means the opposite situation