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Table 1 Demographic features and main activity measures

From: Physical activity measures in patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: correlations between peak oxygen consumption, the physical functioning scale of the SF-36 questionnaire, and the number of steps from an activity meter

Number of patients 99
Age in years 41 (11)
Fibromyalgia (number/percentage) 58 (59%)
BMI in kg/m2 24.4 (5.2)
Disease duration in years (median/IQR) 12 (6–7)
SBP at rest in mmHg 125 (12)
DBP at rest in mmHg 78 (8)
Heart rate at rest in bpm 80 (13)
Number of steps/day (median/IQR) 4683 (3269–7399)
SF-36 Physical Activity scale 46 (21)
%peak VO2 76 (18)
RER 1.11 (0.11)
RER ≥ 1.10 (number/percentage) 53 (54%)
  1. All values are mean (SD) unless otherwise noted
  2. BMI body mass index, no number, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, HR heart rate, RER respiratory exchange ratio, %peak VO2 oxygen consumption at peak exercise as percentile of a reference population