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Table 2 Adjusted hazard ratios for all cause and cause-specific mortality in type 2 diabetic patients by HDL cholesterol tertiles

From: Is HDL cholesterol protective in patients with type 2 diabetes? A retrospective population-based cohort study

MortalityLower tertilepMiddle tertileUpper tertilep
All causes
Number of deaths330 297346 
HRa (95% CI)1.12 (0.96–1.32)0.1511.11 (0.95–1.30)0.21
Cardiovascular diseases
Number of deaths148 152158 
HRb (95% CI)0.97 (0.77–1.23)0.8010.94 (0.75–1.18)0.60
Number of deaths85 8784 
HRb (95% CI)0.92 (0.67–1.25)0.5710.89 (0.66–1.21)0.47
Infectious diseases
Number of deaths37 1533 
HRb (95% CI)2.62 (1.44–4.74)0.00212.05 (1.09–3.85)0.03
Number of deaths34 2143 
HRb (95% CI)1.64 (0.94–2.87)0.0811.87 (1.10–3.15)0.02
Other causes
Number of deaths26 2228 
HRb (95% CI)1.16 (0.67–2.03)0.6011.05 (0.59–1.86)0.87
  1. aHazard ratios adjusted for gender, age, age at diabetes diagnosis, alcohol intake, smoking habits, values of non-HDL cholesterol, HbA1c and creatinine clearance, presence of CV diseases at baseline, treatment with sulfonylureas, insulin and hypolipemic drugs
  2. bFine and Gray’s hazard model for the competing risk analyses