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Table 1 Patients can be considered to use Tocilizumab and the exclusion criteria

From: Why tocilizumab could be an effective treatment for severe COVID-19?

Patients can be considered to use TocilizumabExclusion criteria
(1) Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 with high risk factors, severe or critical patients(1) Patients who are participating in clinical trials of other drugs
(2) Increased concentration of IL-6 levels(2) Pregnant or lactating women
(3) The patient or authorized family member agrees to use Tocilizumab treatment and sign the informed consent(3) Rheumatoid immune-related diseases
 (4) Long-term oral medication of anti-rejection drugs or immunoregulatory drugs
 (5) Hypersensitive to Tocilizumab or any pharmaceutical excipients
 (6) Active pulmonary tuberculosis patients with bacterial and fungal infections
 (7) Organ transplant patients
 (8) Patients with mental disorders
 (9) ALT/AST > 5ULN, neutrophil < 0.5 × 109/L, platelet < 50 × 109/L