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Table 4 PCA component matrix for changes in cytokines after three DCV injections

From: Cytokine network analysis of immune responses before and after autologous dendritic cell and tumor cell vaccine immunotherapies in a randomized trial

CytokineComponent 1Component 2CytokineComponent 1Component 2
IL12p70.928− .032B2M− .645− .001
IL10.908− .006TGFβ1.643.396
IL17.907− .053IL18− .608.026
IFNγ.892.111Fas− .589.078
IL6.891.149IgG4− .377.833
IL2.870− .040IgM.032.809
TNFα.865− .040IgG2− .276.748
IL13.860− .109IL21.397.631
IL8.817.151OS.366− .526
IL7.811.231IL12p40− .163− .515
  1. Rotated Component Matrix (Varimax with Kaiser Normalization). Only components greater than 0.5 are shown. Strong correlation values are in italic
  2. OS overall survival